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So, I've discovered that, much like my old job, I'm much more productive after everyone else has left and I don't have to worry about phone calls or emails or people dropping by my office - I can just put my headphones on and write like the wind (ok, a very gentle breeze - but it's HARDER when you have to include citations for every sentence you write).  

So, I'm typing along on my reply brief that's due Friday, when the time display clicks over to 8:00 and bam! every light on my floor goes out.

*brief wtf moment*  And I realize that not only is there not a light switch in my office, I haven't seen one anywhere on my floor - the whole building may be centrally controlled, for all I know.  

I briefly consider continuing to work in the dark, and then realize that while I can still type just fine, I can't read my freakin' notes.  *shrug*

So, I go home.  I guess it really is kinder and gentler in the public sector!  (For reference, the longest day I ever spent in the office at the firm was 17 and 1/2 hours - which, yeah, makes me a wimp by large firm standards, but there's a REASON I don't work there any longer).  

Cool - 8 pm work curfew.  I guess I can live with that!
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Finally got around to calling the DC Bar about the application I submitted back the beginning of December. Very nice clerk tells me yes, they received the application, and they mailed my letter of receipt to my firm address back in January.

About an hour later, the letter FINALLY arrives in my office, postmarked January 17. *sigh* And it says that processing the application may take 6-8 months. *heavy sigh*

But at least they know I exist!
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Well, the last month of work is turning into a fiasco, with a capital Fi. For the second time in two weeks, my boss has gone out the door for her three day weekend with a cheery "Well, I've hung on to this 30 page order for 3 weeks, and in the meantime things have happened that mean you have to totally rewrite it, isn't that funny?" Yeah. Uh-huh.

And because it's the second time in two weeks, I've been missing tae kwon do classes, including my testing. So today, when I finally make it back, the instructor decides tonight would be a good time to have me make it up. Oops. And because it's a LATE test, by time-honored tradition, I get to spar all the black belts in attendance. Double-oops. Ow, ow, ow. I am in. . . pain. That's the word I was looking for - pain. :-)

On the bright side, I actually do feel better than when I left work, thanks to a good workout and reading good fic off of LJ. It's perhaps mildly sad that being beat up thoroughly is a distinct improvement over my current job. But, only three more weeks!


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