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Yay!  Mini-vacation was a blast.  Watched "A Little Night Music" on Broadway, which was amazing.  Bernadette Peters was awesome, and the rest of the cast stepped right up and were awesome too!  Great fun.

Saturday saw us meandering to WEBS physical store and warehouse, where a great deal of yarn was bought.  I really need to sit down and add to my stash on Ravelry just so I can keep track of what I have.  Pleasant side trip to Smith College, where the Botanical Garden was lovely.  

Sunday brought totally random side trip to the Eric Carle Picture Book Museum, which was awesome!  Found an illustrator that I really like, most of whose work's are now out of print.  :-(  Still, picked up a lovely copy of Snow White, and remembered to pick up a copy of Ul de Rico's "Rainbow Goblins," which is wondrous and colorful beyond belief.  

Great time!  And the weather even cooperated, right up until time to come home (must've been trying to get us to stay).  [personal profile] synecdochic , [personal profile] sarah , and [personal profile] hilarytamar were great company, as ever, and a fun time was had by all. 

Now, I have to try and get work done from home, waiting for my new loom to be delivered.  Whee!

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Made it to Orlando and the Magic Kingdom et al. (aka Walt REALLY didn't want to run out of land this time).  The Wilderness Lodge is huge, but only to the point where I've only gotten lost once (I got lost on my way to the elevator in the Luxor, for example).  Found Syn and Sarah and explored the wonderful world of Disney food at Boma, which was every bit as amazing as they said it was.  Thus far, the only downpoint to my vacation (I'm on VACATION!!!!) is that the silly cocktail with fruit wasn't quite what I wanted.  Will simply have to try, try again. 
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Actually, to be fair, the plays were most excellent. So much so, in fact, I can't really be bothered to be bothered about the fact that I lost my ATM card. Fortunately, it was almost the last thing to happen in New York, and so didn't detract from the fun that I did have.

Took the train up to NYC frightfully early on Saturday morning and met up with Rebecca. She, of course, beat me to the city, and so promptly went shopping - smart lass. :-) We then charged off to try and win the lottery for Wicked tickets, as she had done the previous weekend in Chicago. Alas, either I messed up her mojo, or the musical gods decided she was pressing her luck, or both. S'all good - we ended up getting tickets to Spelling Bee instead, which was great fun. Honestly can't decide whether the cast members or the audience members recruited to join the Bee were more fun. Either way, a great musical, and now that I know it's going to be playing here in DC, I may try and see it again.

Then it was back to the hotel for a brief crash, and off to pre-theatre dinner and Rent! While I'm not the fan of the show that Rebecca is, it was a great performance, aided by the fact that everyone in the audience was going great ga-ga over original cast members Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal, back for a limited time only, apparently. Anthony walked out on stage and everyone started screaming before he could say a word. That's gotta be a fun feeling! Was a very good show - much better than the movie, and much better than just listening to the soundtrack.

Thus endeth the semi-serious portion of the weekend's festivities. After that, it was off to the movie theatre for the Buffy musical, "Once More, With Feeling." The cast members were great, the audience was having fun, a good time was had by all.

Having gotten up at 5, watched three shows and run around Times Square all day, I got to culminate the evening with a brief call from [livejournal.com profile] tricksterquinn. Life is good. Crash like rock.

The next day was somewhat quieter, involving only a trip to the Central Park Zoo (tried to make it to the Cloisters, only to find that the bus ride would have eaten up all of our day), followed by a matinee of "Xanadu." Having actually seen Xanadu in the movie theatre (yes, I am that old), watching it on stage was awesome. Different, but awesome. Terribly silly 80's jokes, actors on roller skates, Tony Robbins playing Zeus. What more can you ask for?

Best line of the weekend? "I didn't recognize you without the handcuffs." - Rent.
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Man, this vacation things isn't too bad. Going back to work is gonna really suck. But for now. . . Nice. So far watched Phantom and Ka (more on that later), with O tonight and Blue Man Group tomorrow. This is just a collection of thoughts I've had on my first day or so here in Sin City.

(1) Wherever you go, there's an obelisk - the view out my window has the Luxor Obelisk. My first thought (admittedly, blearyeyed from little sleep) was "How'd the Washington Monument get out here?"

(2) If you're hotel has three Starbuck's (plus two other cafes) on the first floor, either (a) the people around you take their coffee very, very seriously or (b) your hotel is TOO DAMNED BIG.

(3) Pyramids mess with my sense of direction - yeah, I know, Quinn - "What sense of direction?" Pyramids make it worse. I barely made it ten feet from Registration before I got lost. In my defense (a) I've lived in towns smaller than this hotel and (b) casinos are DESIGNED to suck you in and leave you lost. It's just that they find me an easier mark for that than most. On the other hand, I don't gamble, so laugh's on them.

Well, off to grab breakfast and then off to Bodies: The Exhibition. Possibly poor planning on my part, but we'll see. More later.


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