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The cat's been a little suspicious for the last couple of days, but not much, lured into a false sense of security by my very slow packing pace. Even she started to get alarmed at the number of boxes popping up, though, and the emptying of the closet was a dead giveaway. Luckily, she didn't panic and hide under the bed, allowing me to lock her up in the study with the food and the litter box instead.

The movers have come and gone - my entire life packed into 2/3 of a storage pod in under an hour and a half. Slightly depressing, that, but also impressive. Due to the apartment complex I'm moving to being closed on Easter, I'm stuck here until Monday morning, when I will be hitting the road for Durham, NC. My email will remain the same, as will my phone (at least for the immediate future), and I'll pass on my new physical address shortly.
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Just got off the phone with the Comcast folks (in an ironic twist that does not betoken good things about an ISP, their Web connection service is down). The earliest that they can hook me up is the end of August, which means I'm going to be without internet for a week. The week leading up to my new job, too, which means no contacting me by email. This truly sucketh. That, and took several attempts, using small words, to try and convince customer service that truly, I don't care if I get every movie channel known to man, I just want to be able to get a DVR. *sigh*

I think I did end up getting every movie channel known to man, but that wasn't the point.

May have to get a Treo or other phone web access just so I can check email. *grin* Ah, well.
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Movers have come and gone, and most of my stuff has gone with them. Salvation Army's due in the next little bit to get almost all of the rest, leaving me with the cat, a couple of quilts, and the computer - the real essentials in life.

The place looks like. . . well, sorta like it's been lived in by a family of bears, who have now woken up from hibernation and trundled off in search of food. Messy, in other words. But I've alloted all day tomorrow to clean, and from past experience I know it's a lot easier to clean up an apartment when there's nothing to speak of in the apartment. Then load up the computer on Wednesday, find the cat (she's hiding - the movers spooked her) and away we go to DC. Whee!

For those keeping score, I didn't close out my last case. Drafted 40 pages, but kept getting rewrites that kept me from drafting the final section. Oh, well. Someone else can finish it out. I'm mildly disappointed, but I did my best. Now off to the private sector, lots of money, lots of work. Hope I can fake it til I figure out what I'm doing! Wish me luck.

Update: well, thanks to the hit and run efforts of the local Salvation Army folks (in and out in under 5 minutes - these guys have a real future in B&E!), I now possess basically nothing but cleaning supplies. *grin* This part of the moving process has actually gone very well! Hope it's a good omen.
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That one ROCKED! *grin* Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] recran, [livejournal.com profile] griffdog, and various and sundry of our non-LJ friends. Good food, drinking, desserts, and immensely silly fun at the arcade/go kart races.

I learned that (not really to my surprise) I pretty much suck at racing on slick surfaces, as spinning out of control not really one of my favorite skills (it's a Virgo thing). *grin* But it was fun, especially since we waited until almost closing time so it was only me, Recran and our friend Shiloh out on the track. Quinn, I'd've paid good money to see you racing out there, even though I'm sure you'd've rammed me and run me off the road! Think you'd have fun with it. I think you'd've also enjoyed the high school Dance Dance Rev gamers, and their assorted groupies. Very talented folk, and fun to watch, too!

Spent today having Krispy Kreme for breakfast (yes, I know that's particularly stupid for a diabetic, but it was still fun) and lunch with another old friend from law school, which was also great fun. Most of all, spent two whole days not stressing about either my job (which mildly sucks at the moment) or moving.
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The GOOD news is that I've finally managed to talk with my moving company (more exactly, the moving company my new firm has inflicted on me) and finalized my move-out date. Managed (after some toing and froing) to get it set for the Monday after my last week of work here.

The BAD news is, for reasons that passeth all understanding, the moving company needs a week and a half to move my stuff from my old apartment to my new one in DC. Or up to a week and a half, anyway. So my stuff will leave New Bern on August 21, and arrive in DC sometime between Aug. 24 and Sep. 2. So I'm going to be camping out in an empty apartment for a while. *sigh* Worst case, means I'll be spending my birthday (and the weekend before I start work) unpacking. *double-sigh*

The in-between (and sorta funny) news is that for federal employment reasons I don't quite understand, I got a raise for my last month on the job. *grin* Bitty raise, but still, kinda fun.


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