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*sigh*  A few weeks back, my doctor was kind enough to confirm for me that my self-destructive push towards, well, self-destruction in ignoring my diabetes was paying off and that yes indeed, my blood sugar was WILDLY out of control.  Being a kind and conscientious doctor, however, he then had to spoil it by upping my insulin intake (and seriously upping, too) to the point where my blood sugar dropped down to normal levels.  Sadly, we're still working out the correct balance, such that a good portion of t he time, my blood sugar is below normal levels.

Of course, none of that is irony.  What's ironic is that diabetes, in and of itself, really doesn't have any symptoms.  Until things actually start breaking down under the strain and you go blind, lose limbs, or just, yanno, die, high blood sugar doesn't actually FEEL like anything. 

LOW blood sugar, on the other hand, just sucks.  I get the jitters, or I sleep all day, or (most annoyingly), I start to get spots in my vision that won't go away until I eat something.  *sigh*  It's a lot like someone once described quitting smoking - it's not that you live longer, it just SEEMS like longer.  Except, of course, that I will (hopefully), live longer.  And without the really unpleasant and nasty effects of diabetes.  


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